Friday, May 20, 2016

The buying a house to-do list

You love the place you live in, right. You moved in here after you graduated from university and you built it with passion and love, you turned it into a home. Every small detail that makes it so adorable was chosen with desire and there is no person who comes here and is not impressed. For you it is a simple pleasure to just sit on the couch with a cup of coffee and a nice book in an easy Sunday afternoon and enjoy the simple things in life. Because the home is far more than just a place to sleep in, it is a reflection of yourself; it is somewhere you could be at ease, you could love and share and be loved in return.
 Your home is your castle. But as your family is extending now and you are not by your own anymore, you need another place to make home of.

You have a better-paid job and you are grown up, so you are facing the reality and you are ready to buy a house, big step, huh? But in life there is nothing that simple and you are not purchasing a coffee mug, you are buying something that should make you happy and answer your needs for a long time, so you should not be too sentimental or too emotional, you should be rational and think wisely. And soon you will be relishing the talks over a bottle of wine in a magically perfect new home. But now what you should do is:

Make a plan
This is the mandatory first step. Before you can even think of buying a house you should carefully consider everything connecting with it: where and how big should it be? Is a 2-bedroom flat ok for you? Do you need a backyard? Isn’t this zone too far away from the downtown? Make a plan of what your dream house looks like, but do not have too high expectations as well. And the timing is also crucial, so take into consideration the expiry of your rent agreement, your holidays and when it would be the perfect moment to move out.

Find a serious real estate agency 
These days you are completely doomed to failure, if you don’t have a wonderful real estate agent by your side. I worked with a real professional from DAA Residential and I was more than impressed, because they are not simple sellers, they are not satisfied until you are and until they make sure that this is seriously the right home for you. The service offered is on a very high level and they will show you so many precious houses, that eventually you will be in two minds, which one to choose.

This is maybe the most unpleasant and boring part of the whole thing and it may even kill your enthusiasm. So do not allow this and better contact your accountant and discuss with him the different financial options. Nowadays they are numerous and I am sure that you will find the right one and soon your heart will be full of joy and your new home full of happy people.

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